Platform API release notes, version 5.3

We are pleased to announce that the following functionality has been developed for version 5.3:

  • Hosted authentication – email
  • Feedback submission for comments
  • RatingDistribution (Histogram data) and SecondaryRatingsAverages added to review statistics
  • Time zone changed to UTC
  • Error codes added to form errors
  • Syndication attribution on reviews

More detailed information on each of these items is listed below. For complete documentation, refer to the Platform API documentation, version 5.3.

Hosted authentication – email

Hosted email authentication can be used during submission to confirm the identity of a content submitter. When submitting content for the first time, a user receives an email containing a link. When the link is clicked, the user is directed to a landing page that calls back to the API to confirm their identity. This call results in the generation of an encrypted user token that can be used in subsequent submission calls. Depending on your configuration, the submitter’s content might not be accepted until the confirmation call is submitted. In order to use this feature, you must have hosted authentication enabled for your submission process. If you need more information, read the “Bazaarvoice hosted authentication reference guide” and the submission method documentation for details on the required parameters.

Feedback submission for comments

Feedback submission for review comments and story comments is now supported in addition to the existing support for feedback submission on reviews, questions, answers, and stories. For complete documentation, see the Feedback Submission method page.

RatingDistribution and SecondaryRatingsAverages added to review statistics

New RatingDistribution and SecondaryRatingsAverages blocks have been added to the ReviewStatistics block. You can now see the distribution of ratings for each product, which allows you to construct a rating histogram. You can also see the average rating of your secondary rating dimensions for reviews in relation to products and authors.

Time zone changed to UTC

The API now returns all time data using UTC (+00:00) to avoid the confusion of multiple time zones. The date format has not changed.

Error codes added to form errors

The API response has been updated to return error codes in addition to the existing error message for all form errors. A complete listing of the error codes can be found in each submission method.

Syndication attribution on reviews

All reviews have an “isSyndicated” field set to true or false. If the review is syndicated, a SyndicationSource block is displayed with details of where the review is being syndicated from. Syndicated content can only be returned if the API key is configured to show syndicated content.