Platform API Release Notes, Version 5.2

We are pleased to announce that the following functionality has been developed for version 5.2:

  • Helpfulness and inappropriate content feedback submission enabled
  • ContentLocale no longer filtered implicitly by default
  • Product and category attributes populated as a map
  • Hosted video submission and display updated
  • Inline ratings data exposed for product-based review statistics

More detailed information on each of these items is listed below. For complete documentation, refer to the Platform API Documentation, version 5.2.

Helpfulness and inappropriate feedback

Submission of helpfulness votes and inappropriate feedback can now be done through the API. The response for the user-generated content has also been updated to display the actual inappropriate feedback and total vote and feedback counts. In order for inappropriate feedback to be populated, the API key must be updated.

Implicit default ContentLocale filter removed

There is no longer any implicit ContentLocale filter if none is specified as an argument. If no filter is provided, all content will be returned, regardless of what locale the content is in. There is a default locale defined for every API key. Prior to version 5.2, if the locale parameter was used, it caused an implied ContentLocale filter to be used.

Note that version 5.2 does not change the behavior of explicitly supplied ContentLocale filters. In addition, you can now ask for labels in any locale and specify a different content locale. Therefore, if you request a locale of en_US and a ContentLocale of fr_FR, you get English labels and French content.

Product and category attributes

Products and categories now have a new attributes field populated. This field contains a map of attributes provided to Bazaarvoice from a product feed import.

Hosted video submission and display

Video elements of all content now contain URLs that can be used to embed the video into an HTML page. Bazaarvoice provides boilerplate HTML tags for use with embedding these videos. For more information, see the API Basics page.

Inline ratings data

A new method has been created to provide a quick way to access inline ratings data for products. For complete documentation, see the Statistics Display method page.