Ember.js — the framework formerly known as SproutCore 2.0 (Amber.js)

Update: It looks like there was a conflict with the name Amber with another JavaScript project, so the SproutCore folks have graciously decided to change their name to Ember.js so as not to be in conflict. Check out the details at Yehuda’s blog.

The following is the original blog post:

Yehuda Katz has just officially announced the rebranding of SproutCore 2.0 to Amber.js.

This is refreshing for all the reasons he mentions in his post, especially when attempting to learn new things about the framework. It gets confused with SproutCore 1.0 quite a bit, and I can imagine trying to find answers about Amber.js will be a much easier experience!

Bazaarvoice’s newest product, Customer Intelligence, has been using SproutCore 2.0 since well before its release, and one of the primary developers on that team, Daniel Marcotte, spent a fair bit of time over several months working with the nascent framework and helping to get Beta 2 out the door. Look for an upcoming post where Daniel goes into much more detail on that process.

Will it be usable over dualip? (Vista always started downloading stuff)Will it be possible to turn off indexing? (Can’t concentrate on my work with the chattering the whole time)