Platform API Release Notes, Version 5.1

We are pleased to announce that the following functionality has been developed for version 5.1:

  • ReviewStats updated
  • Moderator Codes for user-generated content (UGC) exposed
  • Wildcard character in ContentLocale filter enabled
  • IP address in Content Display exposed
  • API key creation and management added to the client portal

More detailed information on each of these items is listed below. For complete documentation, refer to the Platform API Documentation, version 5.1.


Review statistics for Products now returns ReviewStats, which account for product family data in the statistics calculations. Prior to version 5.1, the ReviewStats were returning NativeStats, which do not take product families into account.

Moderator Codes

Moderator codes (content codes) can now be explicitly requested and filtered. A new filter (ModeratorCode) has been added and can accept any moderator code values. For a list of all moderator codes, see the API Basics page. In addition, a new value for the attribute parameter (ModeratorCodes) has been added and must be requested in order to filter by ModeratorCode.

Wildcard character in ContentLocale filter

The ContentLocale filter now accepts the asterisk (‘*’) as a wildcard character. This wildcard character represents zero or more characters. Adding the wildcard enables filtering for multiple locales without requiring each one to be listed. For example, &Filter=ContentLocale:eq:en* would return all the English locales (en_US, en_CA, en_GB, etc.). When the ContentLocale filter is set to the wildcard character, it is the equivalent of requesting all locales. It is important to note that the value of the filter cannot start with a wildcard filter. For example, &Filter=ContentLocale:eq:*_US is not a valid filter.

IP address in Content Display

When the API key is configured to allow access to IP addresses, you will either get the IP address back or null inside the IpAddress element. If you are interested in getting access to IP address within an application, contact technical support.

API key creation and management in the client portal

For clients that have signed the API Data Agreement, they can now create and manage their Developer API keys via the client portal. This functionality allows you to self-manage the API keys that you use to create applications using the Developer Platform APIs and tools. A detailed list of the prerequisites and procedures for creating, viewing and editing your API keys can be found in the Bazaarvoice Release Notes, version 5.1. (You have to log in to the Spark portal to view.)

Additon of Wildcard character in ContentLocale filter is going to be very useful as it is required quite often. All the new functionalites might now change and make it easier to access the platform for new version.